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Sliding Gates: Benefits Of Automatic

By S. Van Rooyen · Oct 21, 2021
Sliding Gates: Benefits Of Automatic picture

Sliding gates are very reliable and have long trouble free lifespans. Due to the fact that sliding gates usually run on tracks, or they can be installed with cantilever systems, they are also better suited for rough ground and it doesn't matter if you have a sloping driveway either. 

Here are a few benefits of automated sliding gates to consider before having installed:

  1. Convenience: Automated sliding gates are more convenient than manual gates. With automated gates you don’t have to get out of your car again and again to open and close your gates when you arrive to or leave your home
  2. Security: Automated gates have security options including automatic lock systems which have other additional features that raises your level of security. No one can enter unless they have access to the security code. Unlike padlock and latches, it is not an easy task for an intruder to break into an automated gate to gain access.
  3. Less Space: Sliding gates don’t need any extra space for swinging. Sliding gates are perfect for small properties.
  4. Suits more conditions: Sliding gates work better in properties with wide openings. They work best if someone is unable to install swinging gates due to uneven ground or grounds with an upward slope.
  5. Durable: Automated gates are designed and manufactured with the help of precision technology. These are made to withstand any type of weather conditions.
  6. Enhances visual appeal: Sliding gates are customizable and can accommodate your personal preferences. You can decide your gate size, material, drive system, safety devices etc. This can enhance your property’s exterior and the value of your property.

We have been providing a complete service for all types of automated gates including sliding, swinging and boom gates, for the last 23 years. Our team of experienced automation technicians have the knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations.

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